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Basic Notions Seminar Series

Updated: May 20, 2021

One of the goals of the Fundamentals of the Universe Research Theme is to construct an interdisciplinary research field and combine fields of astronomy, mathematics and physics. Most scientist are however educated in only one of these subjects and what is basic knowledge to one person may be rather mysterious to another.

The plan of this seminar is to promote the communication between mathematics, physics and astronomy by having some informal discussions on basic notions where these fields meet.

Everybody is busy so the point is not to prepare a great and impressive presentation. Rather the converse, if you cannot speak about it unprepared then it may not be a basic notion for you. At any rate the level should not be higher than what a good bachelor student in her/his 3rd year can understand (at least for the first 15 minutes!).

The link to join can be found here:

We hope to see you there!

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