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Research Institutes

The Fundamentals of the Universe is a research theme within the University of Groningen. There are two participating institutes and one research group affiliated with this research theme: the Van Swinderen Institute, the DSGMP group of the Bernoulli institute, and the Kapteyn Astronomical institute.

Van Swinderen Institute

The aim of the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity is to study the fundamental forced of Nature with implications for our Universe, by connecting the physics at the Planck-scale (quantum gravity) via sub-atomic scales (particles physics) to cosmic dimensions. Both theoretical and experimental efforts are combined in three research frontiers: the comic frontier, the high-energy frontier and the precision frontier. The experimental research is conducted locally (precision experiments at low energies) and at CERN. The VSI is the largest university partner of the Nikhef collaboration.

Visit the VSI webpage here.

Bernoulli Institute - DSGMP Group

The Dynamical Systems, Geometry & Mathematical Physics (DSGMP) Group's research covers a broad and diverse spectrum of subjects in the field of dynamical systems theory and mathematical physics. The main focus is on studying the geometry underlying classical and quantum systems an utilizing the geometry to understand their dynamical or spectral properties. The research includes symplectic and contact geometry, knot theory, singular pertubation theory and bifurcation theory with applications in physics, chemitry, meteorology and life sciences.

Visit the DSGMP group webpage here.

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute

The Kapteyn Astronomical Institutes is the research institute for astronomy at the University of Groningen. The research groups most closely linked to the FotU research theme are the cosmology and large scale structure group and the galaxy structure and evolution group. The Kapteyn Institute has been deeply involved in the study of galaxies, starting with Jacobus Kapteyn himself, in studying the Milky Way. This tehem still forms the core of the research carried out at the institute today. Kapteyn staff have also long been insterested in the fundamental structure of the Universe and the nature of dark matter. 

Visit the Kapteyn webpage here.

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