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Guest talk Patrick Emonts (University of Leiden)

On Monday the 27th of February we have invited a guest speaker, Patrick Emonts from the University of Leiden, to talk about 'tensor networks and quantum entanglement'.

In the spirit of the Fundamentals of the Universe theme we are bringing the mathematics and physics disciplines together in this talk. It will be at introductory level for both mathematicians and physicists. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think will be interested.

The talk will be held at 2pm-3pm on Monday the 27th at the Bernoulli Institute (blue building), room 222.

Tensor networks and entanglement -- An Overview

Tensor network states are a highly structured ansatz that is based on

entanglement consideration. Especially in one spatial dimension, tensor networks have revolutionized the numerical simulation and the analytical understanding. In this talk, I will give an introduction to tensor networks focusing on Matrix Product States (MPS), a one-dimensional tensor network construction. We will explore how the structure of MPS enables us to understand entanglement properties of the state and how it enables the efficient simulation of physical systems.

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