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FotU School: 11-14 April 2023

We are organising a school in April 11-14, 2023. The school is aimed at PhD/ junior postdocs who work on the frontier of mathematics, physics and astronomy. The current topics we plan to lecture on include: • Symmetries in mathematics, physics and astronomy [Enrico Pajer] • Machine learning across physics, mathematics and astronomy [Shirley Ho] • Black holes as quantum systems and standard candles/seeds of structure formation [Sara Issaoun & Leopoldo Pando Zayas]

• From quantum fluctuations to the first structures [Job Feldbrugge] Besides the lecture, most afternoons will be free for discussions/collaborations. The participants will have to complete one group assignment (more details will follow for successful applicants). The registration link can be found here: We ask you to provide a letter of motivation. The school is limited to ~45 participants and we will accept your application on the basis of your profile and motivation letter. Some funding is available for travel. Accommodation can be arranged by the Lorentz center at the cost of ~100 a night. Lunch will be included as well as one dinner. We are organizing this as an initiative of the Fundamentals of the Universe program (FotU, see The FotU is an initiative between the Bernoulli Institute, the Kapteyn Institute and the van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity at the University of Groningen with the aim of building interdisciplinary research. The institute currently has 7 PhD fellows, who work on topics that are cross-disciplinary between these institutes.

If you are interested in the this workshop and you would like to know more, you can contact one of the organisers.

Organising committee:

Pratika Dayal

Daan Meerburg

Roland van der Veen

Alba Kalaja

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