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FotU symposium recap: Ema Dimastrogiovanni & Dijs de Neeling

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Watch back the talks by Ema Dimastrogiovanni & Dijs de Neeling below:

Speaker: Ema Dimastrogiovanni (VSI)

Title: Gravitational waves from cosmic inflation

Abstract: Inflation is an epoch in the very early universe, characterised by a nearly exponential expansion. It provides an explanation for the origin of cosmic structure and it is in excellent agreement with current observations. The particle physics description of inflation is, however, still largely unknown. Primordial gravitational waves have the potential to shed new light on this epoch. In this talk I will discuss gravitational wave production during inflation and highlight our future prospects for testing inflation using all available primordial gravitational wave probes, from the cosmic microwave background all the way tointerferometers.

Download PDF • 14.58MB

Speaker: Dijs de Neeling (VSI/Bernoulli)

Title: A Relativistic Kepler Problem

Abstract: The detection of gravitational waves by collaborations LIGO and VIRGO give us a new way to study the universe, and in particular binary systems of black holes or neutron stars. Extraction of information from these measurements demands a good understanding of the dynamics. In this talk, we will see how the simple classical system is complicated by relativity, and ask whether we can recover some of the symmetry and simplicity by a tuned choice of parameters. This might give us an interesting link between the Newtonian realm and Einstein's GR

Download PDF • 3.80MB

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